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  • When aliens come to take over earth, there is one that will stand up to protect us. This hero is Dashieldboyz! With it's powerful shield and
  • Guide Jellyman, the Incredible Flying Glob of Red Jelly, through 25 action packed levels! The goal of the game is to collect all of the jel
  • Britain became the dominant power on the sea during 400 years starting from the historic naval battle Armada. Turning to history to join the
  • Can you get the Droplets to the launch party on time? As they drop down through 5 increasingly tricky levels. Collect the hearts and avoid p

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  • Match falling ornaments to make points and build your Christmas tree Drag falling ornaments with the mouse to match highlighted ornaments on
  • No matter you love Valentine's Day or hate it! This game will give you fun. Love, love is all we need DO WE??!! Heartbreaker puts love away
  • A pretty particle avoider (and anti-avoider). :)
  • Defend Earth from alien invasion.
  • Launch fireworks by grouping them in lines of 3.
  • Test your skills, avoid enemies for as long as you can. But be careful, you control two balls!
  • Move your smile and collect all diamond for exit from the room.
  • You must explore this planet and collect items the faster you can.
  • Explore and gather truffles. Taste different foods for unexpected flavors. Be aware of the wild beasts that crave your truffles. Use arrow
  • Test and improve your mouse precision and speed. Click on the targets to gain points. The closer you are to the center, the more points you
  • Collect stars and save as many Bots as you can in this lemmings style action packed strategy game. Use level items like Gravity orbs, Portal
  • A chicken restaurant has to deliver an order to a far away house! Everything was going fine, but your car has broken and now you have to fac
  • Your task is to get rid the medieval castle of the pesky cats and this time you are armed with a really powerful Cat.... Are you ready for t
  • Try to catch the eggs to get points. But don't touch the geckos. You get only points for butterfly eggs and killing geckos.