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  • A free multiplayer online world to make your own avatar, treehouse and chat with friends.
  • Try to stay flying as long as you can!
  • Move character using left and right keys. Up key to jump. Touch the BOMB DROPPER to activate it. After BOMB DROPPER activated, press SPACE
  • This is a sneak peak of the upcoming game where you get to play a prehistoric taxi.

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  • Play as a young girl saving a scary old villa from a tophatted menace in this action/adventure/furniture-collecting game.
  • You play as Rhombus, a rhombus who is going on an adventure to gather orbs all over the world. 15 levels with secrets and power-ups.
  • Tear Well game Make your way down the well while avoiding obstacles and other hazards.
  • Explore oniric town and solve the riddles to find the Power Stones. You can jump over the buildings, walk through the sewers, upgrade your
  • Catch presents and other object that felt of the plane of St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas lost them when he transported gifts and sweets with his
  • Use the Arrow Keys to move the kid Left and Right to catch the gifts.
  • Platforms of Pain is a nice arcade game where the player must do all they they can to stay on the platforms for as long as possible! dodge a
  • It is fun and simple adventure game. Winter came and the little friend of our hero lost in the fabulous ice. Little Penguin is going to find
  • The 3rd World in the Fancy Pants Adventures!
  • Easy to play Physics puzzle game based on the pink panther. Solve puzzles rolling the eggs back into the basket. Move eggs with arrow keys,
  • Create your own Dancing Dino Christmas Card brought to you by the team at DinoSawUs. Be original, save the planet and 'Do the Dinosaur!' Spr
  • You are little white bunny who collects carrots, jumps on creatures from the forest (: , looking for secrets and trying not to die. enjoy
  • In the beginning of "Created" the player knows nothing about who they are or why they were created. The more they travel through this changi
  • Epic finale of the Covert Front series. Kara is travelling to Lisbon, where she is expecting to capture the elusive Karl von Toten.
  • The Dungeon series, starting with Color Cavern, puts the player in the shoes of an adventurer fighting through a Dungeon full of traps, puzz