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  • Description:One of the biggest problems with with the game of classic Klondike Solitaire is that you have to play it alone, but not with Fuzzy Baseball Solitaire! Hang out with Hubert the Hamster who will help encourage on your way toward winning at this baseball themed solitaire game.
  • Instructions:Fuzzy Baseball Solitaire is a classic Klondike solitaire game. 52 cards are dealt out into 7 stacks (each called a tableau) starting with one card on the left and ending with 7 cards on the right. The remaining cards are in deal stack at the upper right. The top card is face up. Build all four suits up from ace to king in separate piles in the upper right. Click on the deal stack to get 3 cards at a time. On the tableau, cards are played in descending order, alternating colors. For example, the 10 of diamonds may be played on either the Jack of clubs or the Jack of spades. The 5 of clubs may be played on either the 6 of hearts or 6 of diamonds. Anytime you move a card from one pile of the tableau to another, you can turn the revealed face-down card face up. If a column in the tableau is emptied, any visible king (or a visible king with other cards on top of it) can be moved to fill that space.
  • Controls:movement = mouse;
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