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  • Répondez aux questions de Prof pour obtenir le max de points ! Answer to the questions to get a max of points !
  • Porsche Panamera Puzzle
  • Cook this yummy soup by following the recipe given in this cooking game. The main ingredient is Sunroot or Jerusalem artichokes which is whe
  • Match the musical instruments on these cards with as few mistakes as possible. There are three levels, each with new instruments and more ca

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  • This game is a funny tutorial for arabic letters
  • Learn the very basic knowledge you need to read and write Chinese with this memory game! An essential tool for beginners, a fun refresher fo
  • Classic hangman game that works with the Spanish names of the countries of America.
  • This is an educational puzzle game where you will be shown a series of objects and then you must decide which object completes the series. C
  • I thought I'd share this silly little flash-card game that I made to help me remember my Spanish verb tenses.
  • How many mathematical operations can you solve under a minute?
  • Basketball Math Game. Order of operations. Subtraction, division, multiplication, addition maths.
  • math balls, addition, subtraction, multiplication
  • A simple maths game where you add the numbers until you reach the given number in the equation. Thus prooving that mathematics can also be f
  • Play through some very tough questions that increase in difficulty as you play. the last question it the hardest by far!
  • Physical game where you destroy all the blocks before the ball touch the ground.
  • A simple arithmetics trainer with three difficulty levels. Perfect for those, who want to practice arithmetics.
  • Humorous Parodie of the "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" show. *RECOMENDED*