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  • Description:There are two game mode: Launch and Lunar Landing. In Launch, tap spacebar quickly and repeatedly to pump air into the "fuel tanks" and pressurize the "engines." When the countdown ends, the spaceship will launch. There are two ways of playing this mode. You can go for maximum altitude and a high score -- compete in the leaderboards -- or try to land on the moon by hitting a sweet spot of air pressure (A hint is in the introduction. Stick to "The Plan"). In Lunar Landing, a simplified Lunar Lander game occurs. Tap the arrow keys to control speed in any direction. Try to land on the Apollo 11 LEM. Don't land too fast or outside the landing area or the fragile ship will crash and sadness ensues. A Leaderboard exists for the Lunar Landing Sequence to gauge speed and efficiency in landing. Happy Launch and Happy Landing. Don't try this at home, kids.
  • Instructions:Launch Sequence: Tap Space to Pump the Bicycle Pump. Don't pump too quickly or the "fuel tanks" will burst. Watch the danger gauge. Landing Sequence: Control spaceship speed by tapping arrow keys. Try to land on the LEM. Don't land to fast or outside the LEM or the ship will crash. Merry Spaceflight to All. Don't try this at home.
  • Controls:movement = arrow;
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