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  • Crazy Walt is a fun. In this game, Pinka’s pet Walt is trying to impress another girl puppy by doing some mischief activities. Try to fill t
  • Help the 12 daughters of the king with their school assignment by speed growing their garden of flowers with your mantra.
  • Take cake of your animals and bring them to the veterenary to know what is going on with your pet. There is several solution who will make f
  • see how far you can shoot the pumpkin

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  • School Uniform
  • Click couples to kiss when the old lady isn't watching. Keep the mouse pressed to give a long kiss and let your love unfold. Don't get caugh
  • Hold shift to attract orbs, and avoid attracting the red metal stars by annihilating them with the turkey's tail by pressing ctrl. You have
  • A Simple Tower Defence Game Where The Player Has To Stop Enemys From Reaching A Certain Point By Buying Turret Defences.
  • You are a boy who didn't revise his test and he have to copy on his neigbours to have a good mark. But be careful because the teacher or a c
  • This game explores idea of fishing with a pee stream instead of a fishing rod. It takes it's inspiration from Candiru fish that lives in Ama
  • Papapapapapapapa...Papaball! Use the left mouse button control the direction of the ball motion. The time how long you click on the ball
  • game for
  • A ecchi game from one of the character of Queen's Blade, Nyx. Play janken game with Nyx to undress her.
  • This week we stay in the Easter theme with the game : must cook chocolate. You will learn how to cook different chocolate cakes. You can tak
  • Minimal Tennis takes place in a three dimensional cube, with power-ups and a minimal techno backing track!
  • You and your girl friend are in a taxi, try to kiss your girl but don't be noticed by the driver, good luck.
  • Collect the musical keys and use them to resonate the blocks and manipulate the levels.
  • El Caracol Magnify Game
  • This game is random. you have to drug the mouse until the time ends.