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  • Crazy Walt is a fun. In this game, Pinka’s pet Walt is trying to impress another girl puppy by doing some mischief activities. Try to fill t
  • Help the 12 daughters of the king with their school assignment by speed growing their garden of flowers with your mantra.
  • Take cake of your animals and bring them to the veterenary to know what is going on with your pet. There is several solution who will make f
  • see how far you can shoot the pumpkin

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  • Help Dora to keep her in the air. Catch all the stars before they disappear.
  • Coloring game. Choose a painting and the color. Click on the blank picture to put color on it.
  • Challenge your processing ability in this mind-intensive game.
  • Today is going to be your lucky day, your going to learn a simple cooking burger recipe. The ingredients are ready, you can find them in the
  • Collect and sell bugs within the time limit to accumulate the highest score and travel to 3 areas to do it.
  • A boring game for people who slowly get bored...
  • This game depicts a typical Indian wedding and what possibly could go wrong? Click 'Play Game' & experience.
  • Even easier than ZIAG1. Click and hold your mouse button to score points. No time limit. A bonus once in a while that gives faster points, a
  • Online Divination. Voice of Nature. Fortunetelling and guessing in floristic style.
  • The Meowmeows are back in town and so is their lovely dog Chubby. This time, the four daring superheroes are determined wipe out any trace o
  • Tile based switch puzzle written for an adventure game in the spirit of Myst. The object is to get all of the red lights on and none of the
  • When a sweet baby is brought home, he must have a sweet nursery where he can feel protected. With his dear ones here he must feel comfortabl
  • Do you think there is hope in your relationship See how you rate in the quiz
  • Play this 3 scenes jigsaw puzzle games of the police vehicle. Level up, difficulty increase. Drag and drop the pieces to their right place w
  • After a partnership with an animal control agency that takes its name too literally, a local public library has employed a bear as librarian