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  • Crazy Walt is a fun. In this game, Pinka’s pet Walt is trying to impress another girl puppy by doing some mischief activities. Try to fill t
  • Help the 12 daughters of the king with their school assignment by speed growing their garden of flowers with your mantra.
  • Take cake of your animals and bring them to the veterenary to know what is going on with your pet. There is several solution who will make f
  • see how far you can shoot the pumpkin

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  • Go fast. Win.
  • Pick one of the five New Year's coloring pages and color it. This game is packed with happy animals that celebrates New Year's 2012.
  • There are two game mode: Launch and Lunar Landing. In Launch, tap spacebar quickly and repeatedly to pump air into the "fuel tanks" and p
  • Shot to the coconut bucket to get scores and time bonuses
  • The word lotus flower will bring a lot of memories about the sacred land of India. The flower has got differnt names like the sacred lotus,
  • Zombie infections' madness, turn people into zombies in 60 seconds, upgrade your zombies to more powerful ones, get the highest score by des
  • Do you like horses? Have you ever dreamed of having your own cute horsey and raise it in a farm? Well, if you did, then you are going to lov
  • How well is your multitasking education? How far can you make it in this in-of-the-box game?
  • Play a colection of eight mini-game. All at once.
  • Find the items and use them to escape the Blue Room. Have fun!
  • Drag as Much as You Can! In Drag Endurance You Have to Drag the Ball as Far as You Can. No Obstacles, Just Pure Endurance!
  • Vada Pav is a popular vegetarian fast food dish native to Indians. I hope you like to try new foods because this taste might be little diffe
  • Collect all the candies, lollipops and ice cream.
  • Retro, breakout
  • Nice bowling game, can you get a strike or a spare?