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  • Description:Draw lines to isolate balls and fill areas, fill at least 75% to complete a level.
  • Instructions:The goal of the game is to fill at least 75% of the game field, you can do this by dragging lines and creating areas without balls. When you press the game field and move the mouse you will see a transparent horizontal or vertical line when you release the mouse the line will animate until it touches an other line, when a ball hit the line during the animation you lose a life. If the animation is done and you created a rectangle without ball you successfully filled a area. Every level adds 1 ball to a maximum of 15. You can cancel a line in 3 ways you wll see that the drawing tool disappears, a) move the mouse outside of the play field b) move the mouse on top of a other line or a filled area c) move the mouse back to the point where you started the line
  • Controls:movement = na;
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