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  • If you enjoy playing mahjong games, then this game is one that you might well like! This puzzle game requires your skill, experience, memor
  • Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to collect all the numbers. Hidden Numbers is a game made for kid
  • A fun game for everyone to match the similar color fish
  • React has a strong Tetris feel but is totally origional, the object of the game is to arrange blocks which fall from the top of the screen i

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  • Rotate blocks to make pathways and get power to the finish
  • If you are good with vocabulary this game is perfect for you! While playing this game you are provided at the bottom of the screen with a de
  • Change a letter to make a new word...make a change again to make a chain! Word Chain is a simple and compulsive word game.
  • Find Kim Jong Il and all his clones!
  • Try to beat this new 3d gold maze that contain many possible solutions to the exit.
  • Find the five differences between the two pictures. Good art work, relaxing effect.
  • Be the Lame on Your holidays. Try to connect points on the beach.
  • Pop the marbles to find Underwater Treasures! Pop the marbles to find Underwater Treasures in this fun and exciting Marble Popper game! Can
  • You're trapped, it's dark, and there's no treasure in sight. Time to put those escape skills to work. Good Luck!
  • Welcome to a magic land, the one and only place where toys come to life! Their stories are simply magnetizing if you have the chance to list
  • The Secret Path is an interesting puzzle game of helping a small fish to reach its home.
  • Remember the location of plates and break them by clicking the location sensibly.
  • Today seems like an ordinary school day for Gabi - but not for long! There is a big surprise waiting for her at home. Discover all the diffe
  • These little lovely tanks want to get to the destinations without any further resistance! Help them to get the final points they will go. In
  • point and click escape game