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  • If you enjoy playing mahjong games, then this game is one that you might well like! This puzzle game requires your skill, experience, memor
  • Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to collect all the numbers. Hidden Numbers is a game made for kid
  • A fun game for everyone to match the similar color fish
  • React has a strong Tetris feel but is totally origional, the object of the game is to arrange blocks which fall from the top of the screen i

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  • The last 40 levels of Perfect Balance, as we know it. Balance all the given shapes, and don't let them fall off the screen.
  • A challenging riddle game. 20 Levels to challenge you! Figure out the password using available hints in each level.
  • Purpose of the game - guess the random sequence of five colors
  • Fun twist on Mahjong: grab tiles on the edges.
  • Explore room, search for gems and find them all to escape.
  • Beat the Nim Master in this classic game of strategy.
  • Help little snake to collect enough food.
  • Morplee's planet is being attacked by alien invaders! Can you beat the mini-game tower, take out the alien mother-ship sitting on top and sa
  • You were trapped in tunnel once again, solve all puzzles, use all objects and unlock doors to escape from Mini Tunnel! Good Luck!
  • Erase all figures from field. Figures of the same colour disappear when touch each other. The game is challenging and addicting. Good luck.
  • MasterMind is the famous logic-based color puzzle. Here is numbers variant.
  • Light Cubed is a simple, pick-up-and-play game that's easy to learn and difficult to master. Place white blocks on the screen and they fill
  • The Chapter SIx from impossible Labyrinth Saga. Exit from the labyrinth in 30 seconds.
  • This game is about Apple's new product iPad. Just macth iPad cards to gain points. Have Fun...
  • Test you short term memory by completing correct sequence before the end of 3 seconds for each movement.